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Counter Bags

The modern customer expects a certain level of packaging quality. They do not want packaging that doesn’t do the right job or provide the requisite level of protection.

 If packaging doesn’t do its job to the fullest degree, the risk is damage to products and unhappy customers.

 Of course, providing sustainable packaging in a retail context is a growing want for businesses, as they look to contribute to the green economy and offer environmentally-friendly options.

 Macfarlane Online has a host of counter paper bags available, providing you with a strong retail bag option for your store or business.

 Greengrocers, card sellers and gift shops are among the retailers who can truly benefit from these items, and these bags are supplied in packs attached with corner strings.

 Great for food-related uses, our counter bags are also a popular choice for coffee shops and sandwich shops.

 We have a wide range of retail packaging options, including gift boxespaper carrier bagsfilm fronted bags and tissue paper.

 Next day delivery is available on orders placed before 3pm, while our price match guarantee is great for customers too.

 Get an account with Macfarlane Online today, track orders and get hold of all the packaging you require.

 If you have any questions, our team will be happy to help. Simply get in touch.

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