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Office Recycling Bins

Offices and workspaces are hubs of documentation, information and paper. These can easily pile up and can become a difficult thing to stay on top of.

That’s why having a place to get rid of paper and cardboard within your office or workspace can be both useful from a logistical perspective, but also help you protect the environment. At Macfarlane Packaging Online, we stock excellent recycling bins that act as the perfect place to put away used papers and cardboard. These items can then be easily recycled and reused.

Our office recycling bins come as sold to waste management companies and are delivered flat packed for optimum ease of use.

They also come with 2-piece assembly, so there shouldn’t be any problems once your new bin arrives - you can get it up and running in no time!

Of course, these recycling bins don’t have to be used in an office. We get orders from councils, schools, shops, leisure centres and homeowners looking for cardboard recycling bins, as more and more people look to do their bit for the environment by recycling when possible.

So, if you’re a business owner, headteacher or simply want to add a practical recycling hub to your kitchen, or you’re looking to add great items to your stock as a stationary and packaging retailer, Macfarlane Packaging Online is a great place to shop from.

We offer loads of helpful products at excellent prices and buying in bulk couldn’t be simpler. Sign up for an account with us today and start shopping!

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