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Moving kits

When you have decided on moving house Macfarlane online can give you multiple options of moving kits depending on the size of your home.

What’s inside?

Our moving kits contain boxes in 3 different sizes, including bubble wrap and paper protection to pack your belongings inside the boxes, as well as tape to seal them.

We recommend that smaller, heavier items are packed in smaller boxes and larger boxes to be used for lighter items that take up more space. All of your fragile breakable items should be wrapped in the protection provided.

There is only so much a box can do, so use the other packing materials supplied to aid them in protecting your items. See our range of protective packaging.

Order Your Boxes Early

We do advise our customers to order early so they have enough time to pack their belongings, this is also beneficial if you need additional packing items that you had not anticipated beforehand. This way any extra boxes, packing materials or tape can be ordered from us.

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