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Double Wall Boxes

  • Heavy Duty Double Wall Cardboard Boxes (2 layers of corrugated)
  • Suitable for heavier items
  • All Boxes are in brown Kraft colour
  • Delivered flat packed - Need packing tape to seal the Boxes?
  • Sizes shown are the internal dimensions: Length x Width x Height
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Built for strength from 100% recycled content - double wall cardboard boxes from Macfarlane packaging   

With over 30 sizes available, Macfarlane Packaging Ireland offers one of the largest ranges of double wall cardboard boxes in the UK.  

The double wall cardboard is incorporated by using two rows of specialised fluting. This adds all the protection you need to ensure safe transit and lasting storage for heavier or bulky items. This is a much stronger box than using a single wall cardboard box.  

If you are shipping larger and heavier orders such as furniture and other household goods, Macfarlane Packaging Ireland understands it can sometimes be a tricky and costly process. However, with our double wall boxes, you can ship larger and heavier goods with ease whilst saving money on packaging costs. All dimensions provided are the internal dimensions, so the box you choose will fit your product as closely as possible. Dimensions are shown in millimetres: as length x width x height 

Our commitment to best environmental practice ensures recycled and recyclable materials are used in the production of our corrugated cardboard. Measured internally for optimum fit – are shown in millimetres: as length x width x height  

We specialise in providing retailers with affordable and reliable packaging solutions, with our range of double wall boxes being no exception. However, if you can’t find the exact type of double wall box you’re looking for. Macfarlane Packaging Ireland can create bespoke packaging solutions that are tailored to your online business and the goods you ship.  

Made from 100% recycled content to protect the environment  

We believe in “packaging that protects” – when designed and used properly packaging can not only protect your products, but your business, your brand and even the environment. That’s why our entire range of double wall boxes is made from 100% recycled content.  

Plus, if you choose double wall cardboard boxes from Macfarlane Packaging Ireland, you can rest assured they’re made from responsibly sourced materials as they’re all FSC® certified too. 

Double wall boxes suitable for a range of goods  

Whether you’re sending one large and heavy item or multiple items in one box, double wall boxes are the ideal packaging choice. The thick, double-layered corrugated walls ensure that no goods fall out of the bottom of the box, or tear through the cardboard. This keeps everything secure in transit. Not only are these boxes ideal for retailers, but they’re also preferred by courier services due to their durability and resilience.  

Our selection of box lengths also makes for convenient and efficient packaging. With a choice of box lengths, every retailer can find a double wall box to suit their goods. lengths include:  

  • 201 – 250mm perfect for slightly smaller, yet heavier items  
  • 351 – 400mm  
  • 450 – 500mm  
  • 600 – 700mm is great for extra-large and/or extra heavy goods that need the added support   

In addition, all our double walled boxes are produced in a brown Kraft colour, allowing retailers to customise their boxes with branded stickers and labels.  

All our double walled boxes ordered online will be delivered flat packed, and we recommend our packing tape solutions to effectively seal the boxes.  

As one of the most experienced packaging solutions providers worldwide, Macfarlane Packaging Ireland is seriously passionate about our customers and our packaging. If you need to speak to one of our advisors about our range of double wall cardboard boxes. Please get in touch with us today on 0818 300024 orcontact us via our web form.   

What's the difference between single and double wall cardboard boxes?   

The majority of cardboard boxes you'll come across are made from corrugated cardboard. Corrugated cardboard is made when two flat pieces of paper are glued together with a wavy (corrugated) piece of paper in the middle.   

A single wall corrugated box is made from just one layer of corrugated material. A double wall cardboard box is made when there are two layers of corrugated material. This gives double wall boxes extra strength and durability, and makes them suitable for storing, moving or shipping heavier items.  

Can double wall cartons be recycled?   

Yes all corrugated cardboard cartons can be recycled. Boxes made from cardboard are largely recycled at kerbside and can be recycled in home collections.