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Read our frequently asked questions if you need advice on packagingRead our frequently asked questions if you need advice on packaging
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Designed and fully stocked for your convenience - accelerate the packing process and reduce costs

Having everything you need at hand makes packing so much easier, doesn't it? That's what the Macfarlane Online Packaging Packing Room is there for. It's a place to go for absolutely everything you need when it comes to grabbing packing accessories and essentials. No more traipsing the high street or trawling the Internet having to source all the bits and bobs. No more needing to place separate orders with numerous suppliers. Look forward to visiting our Packing Room whenever you need to, and we'll get you fully stocked up, at a competitive price.

Whether you're a small business handling low-volume shipping each month, or a larger enterprise with a dedicated mail room where heavy-duty high-volume shipping is the norm, we're here for you.

Place an order today for cost-effective packaging materials that can be:

  • Packing essentials — You'll have a certain number of key packing items that your company always uses. Stock up on these, with the option of adding any other accessories you require, as needs be. As long as you've got the essentials, your packing and shipping operation should always run smooth, with no interruptions or irritating delays through waiting for vital packing items to arrive.

  • Packing dispensers — Take the toil out of packing, by making your materials immediately accessible, easy to handle and cut to the right lengths. It's about having everything at hand, taking as much work as possible out of the packing process, while at the same time still producing a professional finish (the finish that’s actually the first thing your customers see upon receipt of their goods from you).

  • Packing equipment (large and small) — Get the right tool/machinery for the job, and that means the proper packing of multiple small items, or packing materials for BIG items that are high value: where no shortcuts can be taken when it comes to making sure the packaging aspect of their shipping journey is 100% correctly handled.
A cardboard box being opened using a retractable packing knifeA cardboard box being opened using a retractable packing knife

Frequently Asked Questions

The type of protective packaging you will depend on the products you’re shipping. You’ll need the right amount of packaging material to protect your products, but you don’t want to overfill your parcels and be seen as wasteful.

Some factors that should influence which protective packaging you use are:

  • The size of your product
  • The weight of your product
  • How fragile your goods are (the more fragile, the more protection you need)
  • If you’re shipping single items or multiple items in the same parcel
  • How you want to present your products
  • All these factors will help you determine the material you need. For example, if you are shipping nonfragile products, you may need a simple void fill option. In this instance you could opt for loosefill packing chips or packing paper. However, if you’re shipping items prone to damages, like glass bottles, you may want something heavier duty like Flexi-Hex®.

    For in-box presentation and protection, products like Geami WrapPak are a great protective packing material choice. Alternatively, if you're shipping products with delicate edges, you may want edge and corner protection. You could also consider sustainability and recyclability when choosing your packaging materials! Within our protective range, you'll find a solution that meets your packaging needs.

    If you need help choosing the protective packing materials that are right for your business, don't hesitate to get in touch with the Macfarlane Packaging team!

    Packaging’s most basic function is protection! Essentially, you want your products to reach their intended destination in perfect condition.

    No one wants to receive a damaged product. The impact of a damaged product can span:

  • Increased costs – you’re paying for reverse logistics, product replacement and handling.
  • Reputational damage – packaging materials can help you create a great first impression, but a damaged product will not! Damages can also equal lost sales!
  • Impact on the environment – returning damaged product can double the emissions created by the product’s journey, and it can even triple when you factor in the fuel emissions created by sending out the replacement.
  • Protective packaging is important as it prevents all of these things from happening! If you get your packaging materials right, your product is protected, you control costs, you minimise handling, protect the environment AND deliver a great customer experience.

    This will depend on the protective packaging you’ve chosen to use. Anything paper based will be recyclable at kerbside, as long as it does not have any special coatings.

    Plastic-based protective packaging like bubble wrap, while industrially recyclable, will be harder for the end consumer to recycle at home. It’s always worth directing people to RecycleNow to check what they can recycle, and applying clear recycling instructions to any of your packaging supplies. For more information, click here to see our short guide on how to recycle your packaging.

    Find out more about our eco-friendly packagingFind out more about our eco-friendly packaging