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Postal Tubes

A packaging solution for delicate items

Postal tubes are an ideal packaging solution for those who work in the prints industry or own giftware stores and need a suitable packaging solution for posting fragile goods. Safely shipping of prints, artwork and documents can often be a complicated process due to the nature of the material, thinness and propensity to be damaged relatively easily. Other packaging methods may often prove to be ineffective when it comes to shipping prints and posters, often resulting in damage and additional hassle for both customers and retailers.

If you’re worried about your prints getting damaged in transit, we have an ecommerce packaging solution that will make a significant difference to keeping your fragile printed documents safe. Our range of postal tubes is designed to fit a variety of sizes of prints, posters and other flat, paper goods. Retailers can ship their products with confidence, knowing the product will reach its destination in pristine condition.

All Macfarlane Packaging Online’s postal tubes have been crafted from durable and recyclable cardboard, offering complete, environmentally friendly protection whilst in transit or in storage. They are rated by our customers as strong, economical and affordable.

Postal Tube Solutions

We’re proud to provide retailers with a wide range of sizes of postal tubes, helping retailers from all kinds of industries find an option that fits their business needs. Choose from a range of dimensions, including:

Extra small width postal tubes are a good choice for smaller gifts

  • 330 x 44.5 mm
  • 450 x 44.5mm
  • 559 x 50.8mm

Medium width postal tubes, great for shipping documents

  • 330 x 63.5mm
  • 640 x 76mm
  • 1074 x 76mm

Large width postal tubes that are a great choice for large posters

  • 640 x 100mm
  • 940 x 100mm
  • 1046 x 100mm

Not only do these postal tubes come in a selection of convenient dimensions, but they also come with white plastic cap ends. These snap into place, providing a snug fit and extra reinforcement to the postal tube. Please allow 30mm of extra space for these plastic caps.

A post-office essential

Not only are postal tubes a fantastic option for those in the creative industry looking to ship their artwork, but they are also perfect for sending important documents. House plans, blue prints and other documents can be safely slid inside these tubes to ensure a damage free delivery.

Ideal for shipping and storing plans, prints and posters, our postal tubes are a great investment for online retailers and post offices. If you need more information on our packaging solutions including our postal tubes, don’t hesitate to get in touch by calling us on 0800 2 88 88 22 or using our live chat facility.

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