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Protective Airsac Wine

Shipping items with a high risk of damage during transit can be a difficult task. Any items with glass components or other fragile elements are at risk, and extra efforts should be made to help ensure that the product reaches its destination in one piece.

 When shipping bottles of wine, the level of protection required has to be the very best. Any damage will render a bottle ruined and an unhappy recipient is definitely the end result.

 If you are a retailer of bottled wine, or sending out wine to customers or friends, the need for a great wine packaging offering is high.

 At Macfarlane Online, we have a fine range of protective Airsac packaging for you to stock up on and keep your bottles of wine safe during transit.

 These items contain a high-performance, multi-chamber design and are composed of only 2% film and 98% air. The packages are flat upon arrival and inflated using compressed air.

 We have a spectrum of different wine packaging options available, allowing you to get hold of exactly what you need to distribute your wine bottles with ease.

 Our range includes single bottle wine Airsacs, two bottle wine Airsacs, and even three bottle wine Airsacs.

 There’s also a variety of Airsac kits available if you are shipping wine in bulk. We have Airsac kits suitable for one bottle of wine, all the way through to 12 bottles of wine.

 It’s easy to meet your wine packaging needs at Macfarlane Online. We also stock protective Airsac packaging for beer, technology and general bottles.

 Take a look through our delivery options and if you have a question, reach out to the Macfarlane Online team.

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