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Boxes of all sizes and strengths

Cardboard boxes need to be ideal not only for shipping but also for storage use. Macfarlane Packaging Online can offer you a full range of boxes, at prices we think you'll find competitive (we won't be beaten on price!). What's more, your boxes from us can be branded, if that's what you need — to help spread the word about your business. Whether you require branded or unbranded cardboard boxes for tiny items or a range of boxes for moving an entire suite of offices to a new location, we can take care of it all, in a low-cost hassle-free way.

Protect products, minimise movement in transit, ensure safe delivery

Perhaps, due to the type, weight and size of your goods, you need cardboard box packaging with added reinforcement, providing you with extra peace of mind when your goods are either in transit or stacked in a warehouse awaiting distribution? No problem. As well as the boxes themselves, we can provide you with a whole host of packaging options, such as layering pads, polystyrene inner casings (to keep wine bottles tightly and safely packed in transit), handy address labels, strong rolls of tape, and more. Packaged products can be cushioned, protected, stabilised... And if you need boxes in pallet friendly-sizes, we can supply those, too: super-strong boxes that are an exact pallet-size fit for Euro pallets.

Ideal solutions for packing, storage and shipping

Cardboard boxes can be single or double-walled, depending up the level of packaging strength you're after. That means no item is too heavy or bulky to ship. If you're not sure which type is most suitable for your goods, get in touch with us and we'll be happy to advise.

Whichever type of cardboard box you opt for, you can be sure that your items will arrive at your customer's address in perfect condition, and — if they're being distributed to another retail outlet — with the correct colour printing added, in compliance with trading standards.

Tell the world about your business

To better suit your supply chain needs, why not opt for boxes custom-designed and produced by us? Speak to our friendly team of packaging experts and look forward to receiving boxes that entirely protect your product — compact boxes that are branded, self-sealing, easy to erect (and equally easy to open upon arrival), shelf ready and returnable.

Two cardboard boxes with open lidsTwo cardboard boxes with open lids

Frequently Asked Questions

Corrugated cardboard boxes are made of various layers of cardboard glued together. The corrugated or wavy pattern of inside the layer of cardboard is called fluting. There are different types of fluting, and it gives corrugated cardboard its different strength and performance properties.

The most basic corrugated cardboard box is a single wall box. This is when a single layer of corrugated material is sandwiched between two flat layers of cardboard. Single wall boxes.

A double wall cardboard box has two layers of corrugated material or fluting. You can also get triple wall boxes, which are extra heavy duty.

You might also be interested to learn that Macfarlane’s stock single wall boxes and double wall boxes are both made with FSC® sourced materials and contain high levels of recycled content.

To learn more about cardboard boxes, click here to read our cardboard boxes essential guide!

Yes! Macfarlane Packaging can help you with any sort of custom packaging you need, including printed cardboard boxes. We can print packing boxes with your branding, logo, or messaging. We can also help you with retail packaging like gift boxes and shelf-ready packaging, as well as ecommerce packaging and transit packaging. Click here to learn more about custom cardboard boxes.

In addition to custom printed cardboard boxes, we can also help you design boxes that are a specific size or shape, or even with specialist fittings if you need extra protection for your products.

We believe that packaging has an important role to play in product protection but must be designed and used properly to minimise the impact on the environment.

That’s why all our stock cardboard boxes contain recycled content and can be recycled. For example, our single wall cardboard boxes contain 90% recycled content, and our double wall cardboard boxes contain 100% recycled material.

In fact, all our catalogue products are assigned an Environmental Impact Rating so you can make an informed choice about your packaging. Click here to request a catalogue to see the ratings for yourself. We also have a new sustainable packaging specialogue, that shows our complete sustainable packaging range. Click here to download a copy today.

Yes, all cardboard boxes are recyclable. And since they are easy to recycle, cardboard boxes are a great eco-friendly packaging option.

Most local authorities will collect cardboard boxes at the kerbside. However, you should remember that you should remove plastic packing tape and staples before recycling cardboard boxes, as they can contaminate the waste stream. For a simple guide to recycling cardboard boxes and other popular packaging materials, click here to read more about how to recycle your packaging.

A selection of coloured tissue papersA selection of coloured tissue papers

Going the extra packaging mile Speed up your packaging (and reduce packaging storage)

Place an order today for exceptional and environmentally-friendly eCommerce packaging that:

  • Is purposely designed for the eCommerce market
  • Can be assembled quickly and opened without a struggle
  • Is courier and postal safe
  • Usually requires no packing tape for assembly, thanks to the included "crash lock"
  • Includes product dimensions displayed as Length x Width x Depth
  • Can easily have your company name or logo printed on it helping you to stand out from the crowd.

Let us help you find the right packaging to protect not only your products, but also your brand, your reputation... Get packaging that protects your goods at key stages of the supply chain, while simultaneously saving money and being kind to the environment.

Look forward to reduced costs and delivering an enhanced customer experience. What's more, for your convenience, we can also supply you with high quality marker pens, plain labels, and other packing room accessories, making Macfarlane Packaging Online your eCommerce packaging and postal necessities one-stop-shop, saving you time, money, inconvenience, taking the pressure off.

Learn more about our cardboard boxesLearn more about our cardboard boxes