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Paper Carrier Bags

Environmentally friendly packaging

For many retailers, cutting down on the use of plastic carrier bags is a very important KPI built into their business. In fact, England’s seven major retailers experienced an 83% drop in usage of plastic carrier bags. A great start.

If you are looking to upgrade your current carrier bags with an alternative to polythene carrier bags, Macfarlane Packaging Online offers a wide range of paper carrier bags. There’s a variety of sizing options for our busy retailers to choose from to ensure you can discover the right packaging solution to suit your business and product range.

Environmentally friendly, aesthetically pleasing

If you’re the owner of a local shop, farm shop or vintage-inspired retail store, the look and feel of a brown paper bag can really add to your business aesthetic. Bring back the novelty feeling of receiving local goods in a brown paper bag whilst taking a step towards saving our environment. A win-win situation all round.

We also have white paper bags for those creative retailers who want to customise them with branding, logos and other fun additions like stickers to add that little something to reflect your brand.

Bag it up!

Thanks to our extensive selection of bag sizes, you’ll have no problem finding sizes to suit your products and your business. Choose from a range of sizes including:

  • Small – perfect for packing up smaller items such as little gifts and trinkets.
  • Medium – when the item is just too big, but not that big. The perfect in-between.
  • Large – great for all industries ranging from fashion to food.

The common misconception with paper carrier bags is that they’re difficult to carry – however – our paper carrier bags feature convenient and strong handles to make for easy carrying.

Reduce, reuse, recycle

One of the main benefits of Macfarlane Packaging Online’s paper carrier bags is that they are entirely recyclable, making it a preferred option for the environmentally friendly retailer and customer. In addition to this, customers may enjoy reusing their paper carrier bags, making them usable over and over again.

Discover a large range of bags including a wide variety of paper carrier bags in our bags category online. Macfarlane offers an extensive collection of bag packaging at very competitive trade prices. If you are shopping around and locate cheaper priced products, let us know and take advantage of Macfarlane Packaging Online’s price match guarantee, offering a price match plus a 5% discount. Shop with reassurance you are with the UK’s largest packaging provider.

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