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Paper Cushioning

Geami is an innovative eco-friendly paper cushioning system from Ranpak designed for shipping fragile items with a peace of mind.

Composed of a tissue lining with a 3D honeycomb outer paper, it allows multiple pieces to be packed into the same box and is easy to recycle.

Not only does it offer excellent shock protection, it also looks great inside the box and is a real pleasure to unwrap!

The Geami WrapPak EX Mini is a disposable carton box that expands the die cut paper into a 3D honeycomb structure. In combination with the tissue interleaf it provides a unique wrapping product.

  • The machine crimps the paper together, trapping air inside the layers to form the cushioning pad
  • Can be used for wrapping, blocking and bracing and voidfilling
  • Eco-friendly packaging material manufactured from 50% recycled paper and is 100% recyclable

The Ranpak FillPak M converter quickly forms fanfolded kraft paper into an efficient and effective void fill material to protect products in shipment.

The FillPak M converter is ideal for low volume or individual pack station needs and eliminates the need for labor-intensive hand crumpling of paper.

The Fillpak M is the ideal choice for non-industrial environments and is compact and lightweight. Designed for manual use, this handy machine involves no knife or cutting mechanism. Instead of that a simple controlled tear is generated at the fanfold perforation.

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